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Have new strength and vitality

” But you are not carnal but spiritual if the Spirit of God finds a home within you. You cannot, indeed, be a Christian at all unless you have something of his Spirit in you. Now if Christ does live within you his presence means that your sinful nature is dead, but your spirit becomes alive because of the righteousness he brings with him. Once the Spirit of him who raised Christ Jesus from the dead lives within you he will, by that same Spirit, bring to your whole being, yes even your mortal bodies, new strength and vitality. For he now lives in you.  Apostle Paul 57 AD.

As Christians we can rightfully focus on our future in Heaven. The scriptures talk about how we are going to be changed in a blink of an eye! We are going to have new bodies and no longer experience life’s struggles, pain and exhaustion. However Paul is saying that we can experience a new strength and vitality now because of Christ living in us.

So Christ’s broken body was taken down from the cross and carried to a tomb to rot and decompose. He was dead – a Roman soldier made sure of this fact with a spear. The crucifixion was a very painful and torturous death. Jesus would have experienced intense pain, hanging there slowly losing the fight to live. His lungs would have finally given way to suffocation. His final words were “It’s finished!”

Q: What was finished?

A: Our punishment of eternal death and suffering. Through Christ we could experience a new life. This however isn’t just a new life in the next world! This is a new life now.

So three days later, the Spirit of God breaths life into Jesus and the tomb can no longer hold him! The scriptures later declare that when we give our lives to Jesus we are given a new life and we mystically go through the same process of being buried with him and taken out of the tombs of our own lives.

What are the stenchy tombs that you live in? What are the struggles and exhaustion you are going through? Well Jesus said it is finished. He can take those burdens now! The Spirit of God can give you a strength and vitality. This isn’t your strength that fades with burnout.  Jesus is the source of constant power, constant life, constant peace.
Right now, I have circumstances that are beginning stretch me negatively. Work is a struggle, my diary is filling up, finances are a burden. So it’s time to practice what I’m preaching! Jesus said that we are to give him our burdens. “How do you do that?” Well, with our relationship with Christ, it is built on faith which is a simple trust that he is in control.

So guess what? – He is in control!

My prayer 

“Jesus, I know that you are very much part of my life. I believe you are the source of strength and vitality. I’m going to choose to give you my burdens and step back. Please can you fill my mind and body with your peace and vitality. Thank you for the promise of new life when we turn to you. You are in control. Amen”

Why don’t you join me now and pray about your burdens and watch what he will do in your life? – Please feel free to contact me with prayer requests or with any answers to prayer.


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